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Hallo Angelina
Ich bin durch zufall auf deine Seite gekommen und ich muß sagen,ich habe noch nie eine geilere Seite als deine gesehen.
Einfach toll 3 so super gedehnte Löcher zu sehen(ein Traum).Und du siehst auch noch klasse aus,Top kann ich nur sagen,
mach so weiter,dann werde ich gleich meine Mitgliedschaft verlängern.Das ist das Geld wirklich wert.

First off i wanted to say you are wonderful and i truly enjoy what it is you doing.Simply amazing!!!
You have an amazing body, makes me wish i could have met someone like

Hello Angelina.
I must say( as a compliment)that you are ONE incredible fuckslut.
You are the best Internet slut that I have ever come enjoying watching your videos. Keep up the good work.

Hello Angelina!
Excellent site, probably the BEST site on the net!
Love the anal gaping and the huge toys!

Hallo Angelina!
Habe Deine Seite im Internet gefunden und muss sagen Kompliment.
Du bist sicher eine der extremsten mit deinen Pics.

Dear Angelina,
I just signed on to your sight yesterday and I just wanted to write to let you know that your body of work posted on the sight
is simply incredible. You definitely like what you do and it looks like you are not very shy in showing everyone
one what you can do with yourself. The nun outfits are a nice touch and real turn on.
I also loved the buttplug grenades. I have a weakness for women who use buttplugs.

Dear Angelina,
I am a new menber and wanted to send a quick note. I love your website. It is brilliant!!!
I have this huge latex fetish and have not found any websites that match what your material provides.
I love that flames bra that you wear, and your latex chaps were made for you, they look great.
Great website!!!!

Hello from Canada!
Wow! As soon as I saw your site I knew I had to be a member. You are incredibly sexy and look AMAZING in latex.
My request is that you keep on with what you are doing. Anything involving your ass is unforgettable.
Thanks for sharing your adventures!
Bye for now.

Hi Angelina
I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the cream movies, what did it feel like to have your arse full of cream.
It was a bit of a waste though, I wish I was there, you could of shot it out into my mouth
or you sat on my face and shot it into my mouth. I was hard for three days after watching your cream movies.

I have never seen such a latexwhore like you,i´m wamking my cock so it hurts but i cant stop when watching your videos!

Hi Angel,
i've joined your site some time ago, and i must say YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING..!!! With every new update you're able to arouse me to the max..!!! I love the way you can squirt while your asshole's getting worked.....YOU GET SO WET, IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Stay sexy and bad...;-)

Hi Angelina
I joined your web site about a month ago and wanted to tell you how much I love what you do.
You really know how to do extream anal, I just love the way you take a full hand and seem to really enjoy it.

Hi Angelina,
I love your site and think that you are the sexiest woman on the internet.

Hallo Angelina
ich muss schon sagen, Du und deine Seite, das ist echt das heißeste
was mir je untergekommen ist... Kann das gar nicht in worte fassen...

hallo angelina
ich wollte dir mal zu den tollen bildern und filmen gratulieren. toll gemacht schön und immer wieder nett anzusehen.

Hallo Angelina. Ich bin von deiner Homepage total begeistert. Was bei dir alles so möglich ist hätte ich nie gedacht.

Hello Angelina,
many thanks for yours videos, i'm in love with anal sex and latex stuff now,
your man is really a lucky guy when i see what you let him to do to you for your own pleasure
Anal sex should be just "like" you do it.

Hallo Angelina!
Bin ein großer Fan von Dir und Deiner Seite! Du bist wirklich außerordentlich
hübsch und es ist wirlich unglaublich was du so alles wegstecken kannst!
Nur weiter so.

I enjoyed your website very much, it was easy to navigate and your fucking hot.

Hallo Angelina,
Deine Fotos sind der absolute Oberhammer!!
Ich bin total überwältigt, weil ich schon lange solche Fotos
im Web gesucht habe!!

Hallo ANGEL du bist der gröste. du siehst einfach gut aus deine augen sind geil, genau so wie dein geiles arschloch

hello there..i just want to let you know what a great site..
i love it so much..i love how u destroy that ass of yours,,good job,wish i could fist your ass

Just had to say what most of the guys and girls already say - a great vision and very erotic!
love all the pictures and especially the video/dvd clips

Absolute fantastic!I just look at your site,and what can I say,perfect!
I have seen many gapped female anus,but you combine it with such a beautyfull face.

Wow I cant stop whacking it to your web site, most pay sites are a rip off, yours is great!!!

Hi Angelina
First of all i would like to say thanks for a great site. I really like your movies and pictures
and you are a sight for the eye.

Mach weiter so .Deine Seite ist spitze. Es ist richtig geil deine Fotze anzuschauen vorallen wenn du deine Faust drin hast

Wow angelina you are truly an incredible women, as soon as I started your latest video,
I felt an orgasmic shudder go all through my body, as I begain to think you were about to perfom the fantasy I sent you

Dear Angelina
I have to tell you what a wonderful stylish web site you have created and how impressed I am
with the way you have presented the subjects, truly magnificent.

Without exception, you have produced the most erotic set of photos and vid clips that exist on the web today.
Clarity, subject matter and staging are perfect.
Keep up the good work. You're number one in my book.

Dear Angelina,
I joined your site yesterday and I must say it has been a very erotic experience!!! Love it!

hi Angelina!
i just wanted to say your website is amazing and i was glad to find a site where is a girl has a streching fetish!

Just wanted to say fantastic site! Me and my girlfriend have got off so many times watching your videos. Keep up the good work.

First off I gotta say I love your site I just joined up a couple days ago.
I think I have cummed like 10 times since joining =) You are a totaly hottie great ass and lovely big tits!

Hi Angelina!
I’m a new member for a 90 day membership. I’ve looked around and seen some videos. I loved it! It makes me so horny to see you “dig in”. I’m actually not a latex fan, but I love to see your holes getting bigger. I can see that you really understand that we turn on of seeing your pussy and ass used very sloppy, when it’s loose and enormously big. Bigger is better! Please continue to make it bigger and looser.

Hallo Angelina
muss dir ein grosses Kompliment machen.Deine Videos und Bilder sind einfach super.Bin selbst gummifetischist und stehe wie du
auf Analspiele jeder Art

Hey Queen,
I am a member of your fantastic site, which really is a turn on. I have enjoyed most of your film, and many of the pictures

Hello Angelina !
You are INCREDIBLE ! Your website is AWESOME ! You are the SEXIEST woman I have ever seen !

hi angelina hab mir mal n paar geile videos von dir und deinen heissen löchern gezogen und ich musss echt
sagen du bist eine absolut geile dame ! du bist sowas von heiss das ich es fast garnicht beschreiben kann!

you are the woman sexy and more provoking that never it has seen.
Your asshole the your pussy the spectacular expansions very spectacular you are the much more asshole for me

Hi Angelina!
I have seen the site and its amazing! I was impressed how you can insert such stuffs. I am not a fetish fan or anything like that.
Mostly the girls who are doing things like this are not good looking, or fat, and so on... but you are wonderful.
Your are my perfect ideal woman!!!

hallo angelina,
muss dir einfach mal sagen das du eine wahnsinsfrau bist! RESPEKT!!!!
du bist eine bereicherung für die männerwelt!! du siehst super aus und machst alles wovon ein dominanter mann, wie ich träumt!!

Hallo Angelina
Bin seit längerem Member auf Deiner Seite. Du stellst alles in den Schatten. Kompliment!

Hallo Angelina!
Eigentlich haben die Members Deine Qualitäten schon längst auf den Punkt gebracht! Ich muss einfach
persönlich noch sagen, dass du wirklich sagenhaft sexy bist und mit welcher Lockerheit, Leichtigkeit und
"natürlicher Versautheit" Du rüberkommst ist schon phänomenal und sucht, Superlativen hin oder her, seinesgleichen!

I've been surfing your site, and o-my-god are you hot!!! You're one of the dirtiest, most intense anal girls I've ever seen...
I love it! Your ass is nice and round and welcoming. And your butthole!!! It's deep, brown, nice and wet and slurpy......... to dream for!
You're so good at offering your shithole and opening your rectum totally for us to see... and you seem to like it...

Hi! I'm a brand new member, but I've visited your home page many times, and was very tempted many times...
At last I joined, I haven't even looked yet, but I know it's gonna be thrilling! For a dirty anal fan that I am, I know you're an angel!
I love your butt, your asshole, the way you gape it, the way it sometimes gets a little messy

Hi Angelina
I am a member of your fantastic site,and I would like to say that you have an incredibly sexy face....and of course body..etc.

just a mail to say what a superb woman you are and there should be more adventurous women like yourself,
i will be a life long member of your site..
best regards and keep it coming

Hallo Angelina,
ich habe mich zwischenzeitlich auf Deiner Homepage angemeldet!
Echt toll, was da zu sehen ist von Dir! Eine echte Traumfrau!

Hi Angelina,
I found your site on internet and become a member. This is THE BEST site I ever seen!
I like the way you do things and I am a big fan of anal sex

Hello Angelina.
A fellow rubber and anal fisting lover here. I would like to compliment you on
a great web site. It's fabulous!!

Hello Angela,
First off, I really like your website and I think your hott as hell. I'm a big fan of latex and especially anal toying.
I really liked the photos with the inflatable pump and the metal butt plug

Hallo Angelina,
habe deine Homepage gefunden und finde es absolut geil, was du so alles machst!

Wooow -
ich weiss nicht über welche Seiten ich gekommen bin, jedenfalls habe ich einfach mal einen Link geöffnet
und war dann auf Ihrer Seite und - bin baff!
Wahnsinn. Eine fantastische Frau mit schönen Bildern - manche natürlich sehr direkt und derb,
aber immer noch mit dem Touch Erotik und eben nicht zu platt.
Toll. Weiter so !!

i'm a new member and just have to say that your gorgeous and amazing!!!
i love the anal stuff, all of it especially when he pulls out and there's mustard coming out of your ass

Dear Angelina,
You are the best, for sure the best site I ever visited, and you are good-looking too,
makes it even more a thru pleasure to watch your videos

Hallo Angelina,
Vor ein paar Tagen bin ich auf Deine Seite gestossen und die die Bilder und deren Beschreibungen haben mich neugierig gemacht.
Also habe ich mich gleich angemeldet um mehr von Dir zu sehen. Ich muss gestehen, ich kann gar nicht genug bekommen. :-) Deine Seite gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut, die Bilder und die Videos sind wahnsinnig geil. Ich habe schon so einiges erlebt und auch schon einiges gesehen, aber bei Dir war ich einfach nur sprachlos. :-)
Mach weiter so, für die Fans von Lack und Leder, Anal und diese Seite ein echtes Juwel.

Dear Angelina, I hope you speak English, today I became member of your web site, pls let me know you are fantastic, I think can’t fine the word for tell you how you fantastic.

Hi Angelina
This is absolutly very good stuff,is it as good as it seems for you to be assfisted.You are so Sexy.This turns me on,

with a good looking lady like you.Keep up the good work.

hi angelina,
wow... deine website enthaelt ja wirklich unglaublich geiles material.
deine analfisting und arschfick aktionen machen absolut lust auf mehr von dir.

hallo angel,
du bist die heißeste und perverseste fotze die je gesehen habe!! danke für deine super bilder, habe beim betrachten enorm abgespritzt. das größte wäre, diese sauereien mal live mit dir zu machen !!
weiter so!!!

Dear Angelina
i am so glad that you are keeping up this very erotique performans.You are so original and so very sexy in your act.

Hello Angelina, how are you.?
What can i say you?...finally i have found your site !
Your movie are much more exicting than million of other hard movies.
I like a lot when your partner fist you anally using object and inflatable plugs.

hallo angelina,
du weisst garnicht, was du für mich bedeutest. nahezu
alle meine fantasien werden durch dich befriedigt.
ich kann deinen traumkörper und deine traumöffnungen
garnicht oft genug ansehen. besonders gefallen haben
mir deine dehnungen. insbesondere die fußanal-nummer.

Hi Angelina,
Wonderful site. You're a very sexy lady and I've enjoyed looking at your videos.

Hallo Angelina,
ich bin total begeistert von Deiner Internet Seite, klasse Bilder, klasse Videos (kein Wunder bei so einer Frau).

Just HAD to send you an email! I just joined your site a few days ago....and all I can say is oh my god!
I have been searching the web for many years looking for sites that support my taste in sex ( that being stretching
the ass as far as it will go!!) and of course i've been for the most part disappointed in what i've found....until I found you!
The things you can do and the things you put into your ass simply amaze me! You are truly one of a kind!

Beautiful lady, where have you been hiding?  I just stumbled onto your site and I am sure glad I did.  Not only can you do unbelievable things with your pussy and ass you are incredibly beautiful as well.  Not to mention those awesome tits.

I am very satisfied to be a member of you fantastic site! I only need to be a member of your site, there is nobody like you! I am a male in 40ties, and I am a big fan of you! I just love everything about you! I really enjoy it when I see you having a really good time, se you juices all over. Your holes are delicious and fantastic, in the latex style.

wow wow wow !!!!!! what an extreme hot lady you are, really enjoyig your site

Hi angelina, i enjoyed your site immensely, especially the videos are awesome.

Dear Angelina
Your site is the best I ever seen.You satisfy my eyes need with your beautyful body and the way you treat your most disireble cunt in your movements.For me you are Nr 1 you are so much your self and no idiotic clowning take place.Please keep on being so real.

Dear angelina, like surely many others i've fallen in love with you. your website is the best hardcore site i've ever found and i can't get enough of watching you in action. awesome!

Dear Angelina,
Congratiulatons with your beautiful site.
You are really beautiful and the pictures are very sexy and kinky.

I am a fan of this wonderful woman since her firts appearing on the
net....She is fantastic!

Dear Angelina you are a very beutiful and amazing person. I love your talents and everything you do in your web medium. And I hope you keep providing great footage like you do.

Wow! what a great site. I have been to other sites, but your is the best ass show I have ever seen. All the right angles, its great. you have the prettiest asshole i think ive ever seen, it is so talented, love to see you play with those fruits and vegetables with your amazing asshole. watching your anus open and close around them is fucking hot.

Hallo Angelina,
Habe selten so eine geile Seite gesehen und bin sofort Mitglied geworden. Die Bilder einfach Klasse und es macht einfach so heiß dir zuzuschauen.Du bist eine super attraktive Frau die genau die Vorlieben hat die ich so mag und dein Outfit und dazu deine Augen da möchte ich Dich am liebsten persönlich kennenlernen

I love your pictures and videos, I like to have mistress like you !!!
Those ass fisting pictures are great, i like to see gaping ass, it's so pervertand more perverted it makes when you wear latex.

Hello Angelina
I´m very happy about your new video, because I have a fetish for dolls. I´m looking for years
for pictures or videos where woman play with dolls.

Hallo Angelina,
seit ich vor ein paar Wochen einige Bilder von dir im Netz sah, bin ich ein Fan von dir und habe mich vor ein paar Tagen auf deiner Seite angemeldet. Nachdem ich mir nun alle Filme angesehen habe, muss ich sagen, dass du in dem Forum nicht zu viel versprochen hast und im Gegensatz zu manch anderer Paysite bereue ich nicht einen Cent dieser Ausgabe. Es ist wirklich geil, wie du dir mit Dildos oder der Hand deines Partners (vermute ich mal), das Arschloch und die Möse ausdehnen läßt und besonders gut hat mir die Szene gefallen, wo er dir die Möse fistet und die geballte Faust langsam rauszieht und dein Arschlch so schön geöffnet und von ihm befingert wird. Es gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut, dass und wieviel echte Geilheit dabei von dir rüberkommt.

I have just joined your site and I must congratulate you on having such a superb site with such excellent content. I am amazed that your fetishes so closely match my own desires, and it has been a real pleasure for me exploring your site and discovering your kinky persona. You are truly amazing!! You are certainly the most beautiful and sexy woman on the internet. I am very envious of your husband/partner – he is indeed very fortunate to be able to pleasure you in so many diverse and kinky ways.

Ich habe Deine HP durch Zufall im Internet gesehen und bin direkt Mitglied geworden. Deine Bilder sind ja echt der Hammer. Ich habe selten eine so geile Frau wie Dich gesehen mit einer rattenscharfen Pussy und einer Rosette, von der man wirklich nur träumen kann.

Wow !!! Joined the other day and was in awe of your body and what you can do with it. You have inspired us as a couple to go further than we have before !!You have one of the most fantastic bodies I have seen for ages, and love what you do with it

I just want to tell you what a great site and beautiful women you are. I love people that are sexually open-minded and really dirty, and it doesn't hurt that you seems to love latex either :)
I'm specially found of the fruit stuffing movies, I love to see things go in and out your asshole, more of that

Hi I will be a member for life as long as you keep making movies and pics of that sweet ass of yours.You are FUCKING HOT AS HELL !!!!!!!!!  your big tits and awesome gaping asshole not only turns me on but my wife loves them two if your ever inserted she would love to send you some pics of her.      thanks  # 1 member

What can I say to you, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  Not only are you sexy and beautiful, you are obviously a very nice person!  I truly envy the lucky man that gets to be with you every day!!

Hi angelina,you kept your word,i have seen you latest movie and that's real
analfisting.Damn i wish it was me who fisting you ass.

WOW!! YOU ARE FANTASTIC!! You are absolutely the queen of kinky anal!!!!! I have been waiting for someone like you to do something like this for years!!! Please don't stop what you're doing!! you are the best there is!!

Hallo Angelina,
ich muss sagen, ich bin hingerissen von Deinen Fotos und Deiner Ausstrahlung.
Eine Frau, die sich und Ihre Leidenschaft so frei auslebt...Respekt.

Hi Angelina,
Your the best. What a sexy face and what a beautifull pussy.

Hi, Angelina!
Just want to say again how much I enjoy your site!! Keep working that beautiful asshole of yours!! You are magnificent!!

Hope you are doing well... I joined the site about 5 weeks ago and I
just wanted to give some feed back from a new member

First of all let me say... out of all the porn I have seen (which is
admittedly a large amount) you are by far the sexiest, hottest,
dirtiest most extreme woman I have ever seen, and definitely my
favorite. Your face and mouth are ver sexy (bj stuff is great, your
style is so sensual), awesome tits (the wax tit bondage is amazing,
same w/ video of bj and tied breasts) , beautfiful round ass and of
course amazin pussy and hungry asshole. If given the choice of any
one woman to be with I would have to choose you

The videos 7-11 are incredible, I have never seen anthing like this
before especially from a hot woman. The others are also great, but I
love to see the asshole stretching the best. I hope more is coming of
this in the videos section

hey angelina,
just joined your site and i love it. you are fantastic! i love how you stretch your pussy and ass for the biggest objects.

Hello Angelina!
You are wonderful, amayzing and very beautiful!!!

Dear Angelina I 've seen your pictures and ! You are a wonderfull
miracle of the nature! I love your long black hair your blu eyes your skin all
of you!

Hallo Angelina,
i saw your website the whole last week and i can not go on without you. My penis and cum are very hot and want you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your greatest fan on earth

Hi Angelina
I often visit your web-site, and I love it! It is very professionally made and interesting.

hi angelina .
Ilove your ass more than any thing. I love when you strech it like you do. Carry on like that! Thanks

Hi Angelina,
thank you for the cell phone pics! They are great!!!!!

Thanks very much for replying to my e-mail! I must admit I was a bit skeptical about whether you even read these or not! It is very hard to find a quality website with the content that you are giving us. Most of them are very lame with these tiny vibrators, or A carrot! You are exceptional in your ability to do the extreme items, and I am very thankful to you for that! Once again, keep up the great work, and thanks for making some of my wilder imaginations come true in beautiful color!!!!

i am a new member of your site, and I find the content of the site of very high quality and very very sexy and arousing!

Hi, Angelina! Love your website! Would like to see you continue with more anal object insertions, like maybe two (or three!) bananas, two (or more) vibrators, all with you in your catsuit on your knees with your ass in the air

Very nice pics !!!
Wished you and I could get to gether for a quick touch, peek, and poke.....Love to see more

hallo angelina..
bin durch irgendein zufall auf deine seite gestossen und hab mir mal die free-tour reingezogen..
mit jedem bild wurde ich ungläubiger und gieriger. jemanden wie dich hab ich noch nie gesehen. und jeden mann den man auf den fotos sah, beneidetet ich aufs unendliche.
ich denke, da ich dich auf dieser basis "kennengelernt" habe, darf ich sagen, dass dein arschloch zum träumen einlädt...

You have a gorgeous body!
Love your huge pussy and ass photos! Can you do a photo set using a giant toy or wine bottle? Love watching you in your sexy outfits while you stretch your holes wide open with huge objects!

Hallo Angelina,
Kompliment du hast eins der besten Arschlöcher die ich kenne und der Rest ist auch spitzenklasse.

Dear Angelina,
Just new member of your site. I find you beutiful and woderful.

Hi Angelina,
I absolutely love your big holes. The apple and avocado videos are spectacular! Hubby is one lucky guy for sure.
Angelina you are amazing and sexy

I must say the site rocks ;D but I wonder if I could see you in nun closes and some anal action like anal fist and piss.

Hi Angelina,
na wie gehts, deine Homepage ist ja
wirklich klasse. Was man natürlich von
der Frau auch sagen kann die sie betreibt... *G*

i am in love
this is the greatest ass hole ive ever seen man i would give all most anything to cum in that asshole
thank you for this picture

Bella Angelina,
Thanks so much love. I am totally obsessed with your incredible body and your lovely and loose holes. Would you by chance be able to send me some photos of your pussy nice and open with the cervix showing? I could suck on and fist your holes all day if I had the chance. You are truly a rubber goddess!

Hello beautfiul
To be honest i love both your pictures and videos. Id rather have videos though. Can you make some videos using some large anal plugs. Just want to say your site is amazing and your gorgeous, keep doing what you do.

hello angel
i just joined your site yesterday and you are lovely. Is there anyone else that has sites simiilar to your own.
I love stretching my anus, but still trying ot get the fist in. Love your use of buttplugs on site, hmmm. Have you ever tried inserting 4 oranges in ure bum??

Never have I seen a more gorgeous, beautiful, body in my whole life...everything...and lets not forget your ass; it should be considered the 8th wonder of the world. I crave your ass like a diabetic craves chocolate! My cock is raw from jerkin' off to you...What would I love, well, I'd love to see pictures of you squatting down sticking out that gorgeous ass and spreading your asshole...a view from the bottom looking up would be spectacular.

Hi Angelina!
> >WOWWWW!!!!
> >Great site, great ass, mmmmmmmhhhhhhh
> >I love it!!!!!

Hi Angelina,
First of all, you are good damn SEXY… your body, face and dress code just scream of sex. You’re simply a dream come true.

hallo angelina,
mach bitte weiter so!!!
die bilder sind rattenscharf!!!

Hi Angelina
Your Pics are so damn horny.Your lover must be a lucky guy to have such a
beautiful horny lady.
I hope you will load up a new video for the next update,I would really
appreciate that. I need to have that veggy video, I think you´ve squirted
while stuffing those veggies.

I just love your cunt and ass juices flowing like they do. You are a dream! Your face is very beautiful as well.

I love your gaping ass and hot pussy. Many ejaculations here for you.